THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 2 (PS5)

12 נוב 2020
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This is probably the greatest Spider-Man game ever made
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    • Woo hoo

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    • Hey Jack the animated suit is from the Spiderman TV series not into the spider verse

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    • yes, lotta rats and cockeroaches in NYC.

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    • Hey Jack. Little Nightmares II is coming out on February 11th in 2021. You gonna play it? 😁

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  • Jack blames game for running into stuff, when he’s the one in control causing the bumping into stuff.

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  • “It’s fine Miles, no one blames you.” Miles blames himself, so are you calling him a nobody?

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  • The bridge scene made me think of Andrew Garfields Spiderman and when he had to pull it together made me think of Tom Holland with the boat. I really love this game and the way that they make the characters act they all have their own personalities and I think the personality of miles and Peter are shown so well

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  • Fttt

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  • Best vedeio im iranian and i like this

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  • Idk if anyone said this before but at 50:30 when he said the voices where familiar, he was talking to someone who you save in the beginning of the last game.

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  • I'm loving this SO MUCH OMG 😱

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  • I wonder what happened to Yuri............

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  • Either "a bridge exploded" or "a bagel was fumigated". The one line I'll always remember about this game.

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  • I love how with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man suit that Peter put knee and elbow pads to show that Miles isn’t quite ready to BE Spider-Man

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  • if you look very closly at 48:25 you see a heart givin by miles...

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  • Yeah

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  • jack: GUNS HURT PEOPLE *yanks gun away from them but throws it at someone else knocking them out by accident* .............see?!

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  • 1:08:46 looks like sim city

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  • can anyone tell me what Dulce de coco... or whatever it was.. is

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  • I like how jack doesn’t know so he calls the tinkerer “him”/“he”

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  • JJJ

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  • Enemies: *make death threats* jack: "Oh no!" jack: *simultaneously kicks all their asses* jack: "Anyways"

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  • 6:15 "fighting us was a big mista-"

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  • Jack: oh there’s a rat, definitely New York Me: oh so my place is New York too

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  • “Also have you ever tried drinking?”

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  • i’m so invested in the story

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  • “roxxon were supposed to be here for us! they were gonna shoot me, they didn’t even listen” well that’s broaching some very heavy topics and i’m here for it

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  • “I’m Miles-man! I mean spider-Parker! I mean Peter Morales! I mean-“

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  • Those Roxxon rifles are modified Kriss Vectors

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  • That scene with the new suit gave me chills! 😌

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  • Miles: cmon trusty new york subway Me: ohhh miles, the subway is ANYTHING but trusty

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  • 28:13 bruh that is MILES aways hahah cringe joke squad

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  • 47:13 sean's neighbors would like to wish you a very happy november 12

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  • Because Peter always just casually asked about everyone's family. Not suspicious in the slightest.

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  • 23:40 is literally insane.

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  • God I love these games!

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  • Eggg

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  • Meanwhile jack chokeing in the background

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  • I’m surprised when Aron found out miles was Spider-Man jack only said interesting

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  • One of my favorite games

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  • I played this on ps4 and I think it was looking super cool too!!!

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  • hey jack can u pls make another Minecraft series

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  • I like how Pete is like a concerned big brother to miles

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  • I swear jack is sponsored by Playstation but he just doesn't wanna tell us. He keeps saying stuff that sounds like ads. Kinda sus

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  • "Peter Man" had me in fuckin tears 🤣😭

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  • 43:10 Jack just casually dying

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  • Unpopular vote but it’ll always be Pete for me and that’s never gunna change

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  • 6:51 Did Sean forget that he could slide under the guy????

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  • When he started coughing I started panicking

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  • Why'd he stop dodging near the end? Was he too tired to play?

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  • Jack: "i do know what language symkarian is" Symkarian: **is a made up language**

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  • The secret ingredient is 29:42

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  • Are we not gonna talk about the undyne of the game?

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  • Is it just me that when jack talks to Spidey , it gives me a Venom and host type and host feeling? Especially when Jack says "We."

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  • For those who don't know, Gloria (the lady in the green jacket at the FEAST booth) was the homeless woman Peter saved and directed to FEAST in the first game. The more you know.

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  • I was literally thinking about how the prowler probably finds that tech right as he says it looks like the tech the prowler uses

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  • 33:16 SQUIRREL

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  • Fun fact: Gloria was the homeless girl Peter saved from being robbed and recommended to the feast shelter in the first game

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  • 5:20 its that homeless girl in the first game who loves wheat cakes!

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  • jack: "in the middle of a fight" also jack: I cool I'm reflected in that thing

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  • Literally everybody saw phin being the tinkerer coming but me.

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  • For anyone like me who was too lazy to search this at first, but is still nerdy enough to want to know, Symkaria is a fictional country in the Marvel universe, right next to Latvaria. So yeah, Pete might've ended up working with the Fantastic Four to fight Doom while on holiday!

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  • is it just me or did jack change his grapics settings

  • Dis game so different on the ps4 pro

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  • "I don't know which language Symkarian is." Me:Which one do you fucking think Sean?

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  • Was I the only one who looked up what dulce de coco was? Just in case you haven't it means coconut candy or coconut and milk dessert according to google.

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  • Gloria sounds like Anja from the spider man TV series

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  • 49:00 bet y’all don’t get this reference

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  • 23:59 H o r n y

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  • I can tell u as someone playing on a ps4 pro that those load times were drastically faster

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  • The worst part is the fact he thought the animated one was the spider verses

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  • Ik I'm late but the app should be called "spyder"

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  • Hey sorry to put this here but I just got all of the achievements in Spider MMan Miles Morales, and I hated the achievement for 100x combo, but I got it and am happy

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  • Jack: Can I fast travel? Also Sean: About to finish the mission where you unlock fast travel

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  • 28:54 I died

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  • Fun fact, I never bought a suit, upgrade, mod or gadget until the end of the story, so if Jack finds something hard... Trust me, it’s even harder for me dude...

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  • Taking app advertisements to a whole new lvl

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  • Don’t mind if I yes

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  • i can smell the food and it smells sooooooooo good!

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  • 21:08 Citizen:hey spider guy Spider-Man:hey Jack:it’s Spider-Man dumbass👏😂😂

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  • This is so nice, also it's so cool that there is so much puertorican imagery in this game, it gives me pride that a protagonist superhero is someone like me, it's so pog

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  • I love the fact that youtubers always show the difference between 30fps and 60fps, when on youtube, there is no difference...

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  • "Look at the graphics in 4k" "Me at 3 bars* "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

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  • I HEARD LA GONZADERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 56:57: God damnit, Jack! Welp. Surprise ruined. XD

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  • 21:21: Ha! That shut ya up! XD 22:56: Yup. Saw that one coming. 44:01: 😂

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  • ref what 144p

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  • 144p

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  • 14:42: Jesus, Jack!

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  • 6:58: PFT! God damnit, Jack! 😂

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  • 5:41: You mean, "Miles-ly", Ehehe!... Sorry.

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  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Bridge is crumbling and innocent people are dying. Jack: Holy f*ck this is so cool!!

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  • 48:27

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  • Were not gonna take a sec and when he puts his webs in the woman as

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  • 23:10 that’s what she said

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  • One of the coolest games ever!

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  • I really like how the villains say stuff like "we've lost touch with mo" it really makes them feel like there real people with there own agency instead of mindless grunts

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  • jack: i can do whatever i want alone me: mind goes to the gutter

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  • no one: jack every second: LOOK AT THAT RAY TRACING

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  • 50% Spider Man, 50% geeking out over reflections haha

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