Don’t Make Eye Contact

31 אוק 2020
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Please use Argentum Inanis with caution.
Inform an AIMC immediately!
Don't make eye contact.

  • I made eye contact. What happens now?

    Reece MasonReece Mason13 דקות לפני
  • Idk if it's a stretch, but I just started wondering if it's possible the portal is black, red, and blue because of /him/...?

    Isaac TaylorIsaac Taylor2 ימים לפני
  • jack: *makes this video* the next day: *everyone pretending that nothing happened*

    just_avajust_ava7 ימים לפני
  • 🕯️💀🕯️Mirror mirror on the wall, when will Jacksepticeye post more ego related content??? 🕯️💀🕯️

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  • Marvin about to get taken 🤐

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  • The book: The periodic table: Hey

    Willow HartWillow Hart8 ימים לפני
  • Did I hear anti say "if you want his back so badly....try me"?

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  • Okay.

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  • In order to make this book: Get a puzzle book Cover it with leather Write random symbols in it Done

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  • I still can’t figure out if Marvin’s a good boi or an evil boi

    Genna GilesGenna Giles14 ימים לפני
    • I have a feeling with him being a magic boi, I think he somehow summoned Anti, but without meaning to do so.

      BeetleiagonisamonBeetleiagonisamon6 ימים לפני
  • Jack reading the book like "wtf am i doin tryna read 𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘴 for?

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  • Am i the only one who thinks Anti will join Dark in Heist 2???? Oh... just me then... okay...

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  • 0:50 How to Basic, is that you??

    Korbin DaltonKorbin Dalton18 ימים לפני
  • Welcome to... Irish Annus

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  • I lost my phone for a few months and THIS is what I come back to....

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  • But.......WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?!?!?!

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  • This is such a cool video

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  • U ok?

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  • Yet two months later for me..I'm trying to figure out what will be happening during this "argentum inanis" its almost like this was being planned while unus annus was dieing and will probably replace unus annus, but then again it probably has nothing to do with the dieing channel

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  • A new hand touches the beacon

    L4N73RN / Skate 3L4N73RN / Skate 324 ימים לפני
  • Okay so is no one going to talk about the symbols on what I'm assuming is Marvin's book at the beginning of the video I was able to find the symbol on the left side of the book it's a wiccan symbol called Othila and it means inheritance so I don't think that this was originally Marvin's book to begin with I think this was a book that was given to him and passed down to him from someone before him who I have no clue like someone else said in the comments the AMIC you have to know at least two members who recommend you in order to begin plus you have to be over 18 and a competent magician so maybe it was one of the two people that Marvin knew that gave him the book I don't know that's just the theory but the symbol on the right I cannot find to save my life

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  • Come at me bro I play demoknight

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  • 🎧+😅=😰

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  • 0:31 (I'm just putting a timestamp for myself)

    Sasxken _Sasxken _27 ימים לפני
  • I genuinely have no idea of what the fuck this is or means

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  • Us there something special gonna happen or what

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    轟チヤーリー轟チヤーリーחודש לפני
  • Anyone else see the page that said 'Antimatter' in the top right corner on the left page?? And the periodic table? This is awesome. I love that he brought Marvin back in this way!

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  • My cat, named midnight for the color of his fur, refused to look away and he hates looking at my phone.

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  • You know, I haven’t been this confused since I was trying to figure out my sexuality

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  • Sean: touches a ball The ball: summons Satan Sean: IL FUCKIN DO IT AGAIN

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  • btw if anyone is wonder, Argentum Inanis, means empty silver in latin

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  • I just finished watching corpses video and now I’m watching this even though I’m terrified I’m smart

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  • Hey!! I'm new to all the egos and such, and it seems SUPER cool! I'm a bit confused though, does anyone mind breaking it down for me?

    enbydevilenbydevilחודש לפני
  • Alright, so "Argentum Inanis" roughly means Empty Silver, translated from Latin. The thing Marvin was using seemed to be a fortune glass ball or something silver. Sometimes the thing would be empty, and it mostly showed Anti. He is one of the most well known egos, and we haven't seen him posses Marvin yet. Could he have just possessed him? Because the thing is now empty. UPDATE: I looked into the word "A.I.M.C" It's a magic organization, also known as "The Magic Circle". There are some rules that apply to joining this. They are listed below. 1. You must be over 18* 2. You must be a competent magician (you don't have to be a working professional.) 3. Two existing members who've known you for at least 2 years must sign off your application. This means Marvin knows two other members, we just don't know who they are. They could be the other egos. Their headquarters are in London. They even have a motto! "Indocilis privata loqui" is Latin for "Not apt to disclose secrets". But I can't find anything about the eye contact or their methods.

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  • Don’t make eye contact me, antisocial : I’ve trained for this.

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  • who the fuck is Chase how have I missed a damn alter Dx also was there any other videos connected to this or was this it???

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  • At first, I came for Let's Plays, but now, I come for egos.

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  • Argentum Inanis = Foolish (or Empty) Silver I thought this might be reference to alchemy (like fool's gold), so I tried looking it up. I couldn't find any info on it, but I did learn something: Silver is an antiseptic.

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  • At around 0:46 you can hear Jack(or maybe Anti) laughing and then Jack says something that I can't understand

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  • Bro was it just me or did that look like the gravity falls book😂🤣😂🤣

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  • Alternate title: Argentum inais Alternate title 2: empty silver void

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  • Oh God is anti back

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  • Video title : Don't make eye contact Me : oh boy I'm the best at it

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  • We’ve been waiting for you

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  • Me:I wonder who’s next

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  • Amazing editing

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  • Wait... I just realised something... *JJ and JBM aren't in this video* What does that mean?! Are they from another timeline of something?! Because, if they were from the same time/place as the others, we would have seen at least some sort of vision of them in the sphere Marvin was looking at. Unless the visions he saw were about the egos that were in some sort of trouble (including Jack)... but that doesn't make sense either because we've seen, at least, JJ being corrupted as hell TWISE now. And if these two characters were from like the future or the past, Marvin would have seen something anyway, considering he saw visions from 2016 to after the events of this video (the part where Marvin stares at the ball and throws the book into the fire, which I believe to be a vision of the future about Marvin getting corrupted) So what is happening here?! Any ideas?

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  • Their back......

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    • Epic

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  • *caresses book*

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  • What’s that book

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  • *me accidentally makes eye contact with every man that showed up in the video* "well shit i just ruined the main part of the video :("

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  • Who remembers the original title?

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  • how the heck did I miss this video?

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  • Į̴̢̹͈̜̗̺̬͙͈̹̺͓͚̰̲̝͖̬̺̬͈̳̪͓̰͂̉̽́͑́͐̏̈́̆̊̃̆ͅt̶̡̨̧̢̡̛̩̙͇̮̪̞̜͍̘̰͓̤̠̩̠̲̤̯̣͇̬͉̺̹̟̞͇̮̥͉̠̫̠̰͚̳̤͚͍̱̹̥̟͔͔͚͖̹̗̲̤̭̜̹̩̤̖̣͉̘̗̪̼͙͉̗͖̜̠̣̞͇̜̖͙͍̳̫͇̝̰̮̦̗̲͕̻̺̯̺̲̻̱̰̋͊͛̈́̑̔̐̋̓͋̽̊̉͑̏̄̽́͒́̒̉͆͋̀͆͋͆͋̇̿̊͋́̽̋́͊̃͗͂͊̂̈́́̾̌͗̎̐̓͑̀͌̄̃̈́̀̚͘̕͜͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅ'̵̢̨̛̞̠̣̲̄̍͋͐̈́́̋̍̅̓̀̈́͛̽̀̂͑̀̊̋͑̒̔̔̀̋͑̅̄̈́͆̾̑̀̅̏̑̈̋̂̈́̌̈́̈́̋͒͋̈́̊̌͗͗̾̈͛̍͗͌͗͆͒̈͌͌̃̆̓̿̀̐̂̀́̄̿̊͘̚͘͘̚̚͠͠͝s̵̨̯̪͓͍̭̘͔̮̪̳̮̲͙͈̦͔̤̲̣̙͍̳̲̤̬̞̬̭͓̹̭̦͇̱̘̝̲̣̬̦̯̹̺̱̺̳̬͇͉̣̽̑̊͐́̔͊͆̾̂̏̋͋̐͜͠͠͝ͅ ̸̧̨̨̧̛͙͚̞̱̬̰̱̪̠͉̝̹͕̞̤̻͈̮̪͍̟̪̟̺̰͍͔̲͇̦̞̘͔̱͖̘̻̣̮̭̙̙̲̥̭̜̹͇̦̮͎̖͚̗̜̞̣͍̯͉͔̭̫͚̅̽̇̑͑͗̂̌̔̿̂̿̈́̅̐̐̀̄̒͒̋̒͊̉̋̽̐̑̽̇́̂͌̅̈́͋̑̌̈̎̽̆͗̊͗̊̈̊̑̋̄̇̑͋̀͊̀̇͒̀̉̐͊̾̄̌̎̃̒͂̌͆̔̚̕͘͘̕͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͠͠͝͠ͅa̷̡̧̡̧̨̡̢̨̧̧̢̨̨̛͔̝͚͇̙͕̰̬̳̜̞̬͕̬̻̣̫̪͍̲̹̫̥͚̱͖̯͍̝̹̗̭̬̙̖̹̪͕̥̫̞̱̦̹̯̪̤̬͈̼̯̪̞̗̣̝̺͙͍̠̗̭̯̟̳͖͔͖̘͖̼̻̭̪͍̭͓̝̻̬̘̞͔͔̘͔̝̫̗̺̔̉̃͋͑̓̃͌̔̈͊́̑̒̓͑͗̀̉̋̉̇̒̎̾̓̽̓̽̂̒̀͋̔̍̀̌͆̌̏͑́̿̀̍̉̒͌̀̈́͑̀͂̓̀͑͑͆͐͐̎̈́̈́̉͐̂̈́̑̇́͒̈̀͑̏̎̐͊̑̓͆͆͊̍͒̈́̀̏̏͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͝͠͝ͅl̶̨̧̳̤̩̥̺̰̮̝̗̘͖̪̗̬̗̤̓̊̈͂̓́̅͊̊̔̓͑̽͌̀̃͠͝l̶̢̨̛̦͖͈̭͚̙̮̣̜̭̙̼͉̪͔̘͚͙̰͕̭̖͖̘̤̣̺͙̲͚͎̼̤͉̞̫̰̱͚͖̖̗̜͍̘̱̯̺͙̥̤̊͒̌̔̋̓̀̄̔̎̇̔̓̂̆͗̅̉́̋̽̾̂̾̂̆̀̎̾͊́͒̐́̆͌͐̇͂̈́̎̉͑̔͂̉̒̓̌̊̇̕͘͝͝͠ ̴̢̢̨̡̢̧̨̧̨̧̛̱̗̗̝̩̝̹͕͙̖̳̻̘̜̞̳̼̙͙̳̤͍͈̱̯̘̲̮͎̼̞̙͇̜̖͚̱͙͇̹̣̫͙̼̮͕̪̥̯̗̦̪̩͉̘̟̠̹̻͔̯̱̯̜͉̩͍̲̰̯̗̪͉̰̲͈̞̣̫̰̭̞̆̒̑͛̌́̎͊̐͛̑̈̔̀ͅͅͅt̵̩̫̤͕͒̒̌͐̃̈́̎̄̈́̑͛͛́̐̎͂̐̎́̌̋̀̏̋̓͒̈́́̉̐̅̈́̈̒̔̅̔̐́͆̏̐͑͊͋̄̊̔͊̓̈́̈̉̓̂̑́̓͌͑̓́̏͆͆͛̃̂͆͐͊̑̈̌͛̅̓͒͋̃̌͗̆̂̓̀̿́̃̔͐̉̋̽̐̕̕̕͘͘̕̕̕͘ḩ̵̨̢̧̨̢̢̛̛̮̪̮̱̫̪̱͕̟̗̩̞͖͓̠̦͇̪̮̮̰̪̜͇̬͍̻̲͎͍̐̌͑̿̿̾̍̍̄̊̿̔̔̊̎̎̔̔̌͒͌̏̈̇̽̈́̓̑̑̈́͂͋̅̀͋̊͊̑̾̆̓̿̀̓̎̇̊͛̊͊͌̽̐̿͊̽̂͂̀͌͒̍̕͘̕̚̚̕̚̚̕͜͜͠͝͠͠͝ͅͅȩ̶̡̡̡̧̢̨̧̛̛̛̛̟̗̠̥̲̜̝̬̻̠͈͙͈̭̖̫̩̟̝̬̦͎̻͖̹̤̞͖̳͙̣̖͍̬̞͙̪̹̩̻̖̲̖̱͙̥̰̥͕͚͙̖͇̪̙͔̖̥̞͉͕͔̺̜̩̠̪̬͖̩̺̩̖̥̗̞͍̠̫̯̩̟̥̟̺̯̬͍̱̀̍̒̋͒̏͂̀̉͊̉̑̈́̌̄̔̑͐̊̍̂͗̐͗̾̎͌̾̏̿̌͑͐̆̽̃͂̂̐͂̿̄̋̄̊̽̈́̎̆̐̿̀̀̓̄͗̂̎̂͐̀̒̊́̃̈̒̑̀̂̃̊̈́̐͘̕̚͜͜͠͝͝ͅ ̶̧̨̧̨̨̡̨̛̛̰̬̣̞͖͇̬͉̗͖̦̙̳͙̬̟̪̗̦̟͕̥̝̩̞̥̙̩͉̯͙̘̩̭̩͈̼̻͖̞̠̱̺͖̪̝͎̟̥̻̦̲̣̻͇̗̼̪̫͎͉͎̻͕̠̮̞͔̲̯̤͓̠̼͖̬̹͕̰͖̱̖̩͚̭̄͑̋̾̀̿̐̅̿̍̏͑̍̋̒̄͗̋͂̈́̃̃͆̏̑̀̄͋̽͋͂̐̔̑̈́͂̐́̈̽͑̀̀̍͘̚͘͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅş̴̢̨̢̨̢̡̡̢̡͚͚̯̖͎̬͓̠̥͖̞̯̞̦̟͎͇̗̥̠͈͖͖͔͉͕̬̥̼̩̩͇͚̯͚̼̫̻̖̦͚̥̖̖̻̻͍͈̗̤̻̪̻͚̝͚͉̗͕̮̦͔͙̣͎̖̺̯̺͎̺̞̺̭̞͓̯̖̬̔̆̓̈̏̈́̈́͛̀̓̉̔͗ͅͅą̸̢̨̢̛̙̖̰͍̪̥̹͇̠̦̹̭͎͚̰̳̳̯̱͕͈͈̯͔̺̝̤̘͈͔̣̦̻̣͚͓̠͙͈̹̼͙̺͔̥͉̤̞͚̭̬̗̫̪̖͙̗̪̮̹̯̠͎̲͇̝̒̿͊̍̓̾̈́̈́̓̾̒̓̈͑̋̐̆́͂̈̈́͛̄̔́͒̍̇̏͆́̈́̽̈́͗͊̃͆̈́̎͆̀̓̋̀̀͋̓͐̕̕̕̕͜͜͠͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͠ͅm̷̨̢̨̧̧̩̻͕̹̝͎͔̖̺͖̹̝͍̝̬̠̲̜̣̬̥̟̳̺̜̮̲̲̼͙͕͇̱̟̜̳̳͉̱̪͖̝̫͖̿̈́̍̀̊̌̈͑̋̿̌̊͋̽͌̏̀̔̀̉́̌́̈́̋̀̍̿̓̎́̓̑͛̍̎̃͗̽͛̀̈̕̚̚͜͜͜͝͝͠ḛ̵̡̛̛̛̣͖͍͕̘̝̆̉͗̿̍́̈́̅̆̿͂́̌̒͛́́̅̌͋̓̉̅̃͆̇̏̃̑̇͛͛̉̂͐͋͊͒̀̈́̓̈́͊͐̂̍̐̈̅͒͋̆̃̍͊̏̄̏͆̋͊̔͑̒̃́̇̓̑͆̂͊̈̑̓͂̐̀͌̈̓̾̀͒̈͘͘͘͘͝͝͝͠͝͝͠

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    • I’d love to know what that says 😂

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  • Anybody remember the orginal name? I think it was Argentum Inanis.

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  • The mask looks like kunimitsu mask from tekken 7 lol

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  • Alrighty this is gonna be SUUUUPER long but theory! All alter egos share a sacred bond with their host that they can sever but cannot reconnect. The process is quite painful and causes the alter ego in question to be unable to speak to his or her host, nor can they open up portals anymore. Also, they will be cursed to an eternity in the Dark Realm (Weka Kando, which means “Cast Aside” in a different language). However, many alters do this, as their job is to protect the host and when any alter dies, the host dies. So, they sever the bond to ensure the host is safe. Schneep had a near-death experience due to Anti (what happened in Kill Jacksepticeye), causing him to sever his bond with Jack. He survived, however, but now feels empty and void (depressed) and cannot make portals any longer. (This is partly why Chase is depressed; he lost his family AND his bond on the same day as he believed he was going to die in the fire too.) That strange design was seen in another video, where Henrik was angry at a machine that wasn’t working. You see, he was trying to create a portal via machinery in attempt to protect Jack. These types of experiments aren’t all that uncommon in his realm. (There are 6 other realms: the Realm of Wisdom, Realm of Royalty, Realm of Silence, Mirror Realm, Heroes realm, and Weka Kando. Anti is from Weka Kando, Marvin is from the Realm of Royalty, JBM is from the Heroes Realm, Chase is from the Mirror Realm, JJ is from the Realm of Silence, and Schneep is from the Realm of Wisdom. Everyone is born with all six alters, but some die. If the Weka Kando one dies, the host dies regardless. However, if the Weka Kando alter picks up enough souls (explained later), he will survive his host’s death. Anti still doesn’t have enough power to survive Jacks’ death (which is why Jack survived Say Goodbye; Anti used dark magic to heal him), so Anti has been trying to pick off the alters realm by realm to weaken Jack and strengthen himself, starting with Chase.) Anywho, this experiment consumed him, and he eventually became so obsessed with it that he stopped eating and sleeping. Finally, it worked, and Henrik opened the portal. It was highly unstable, however, and it sucked him in and broke down before anyone could go with him. On the bright side, he discovered two new realms: the in-between and the Cursed Realm (slightly different from Weka Kando; made of sand rather than darkness). Sadly, both realms wanted him dead. The in-between was a place where a being called Chaos lived. All the souls that either lost their host or couldn’t find one to torment ended up in the in-between. (Most souls in Weka Kando were snatched up by other beings, which works kind of like Greek mythology in the sense that they absorb their power. However, even some in the land of the cast aside were not accepted, so they found the in-between and joined up with Chaos.) So, Henrik met up with Chaos and almost died, but he found a portal to another realm and jumped through it. He wandered through the desert and tried to find civilization, but he passed out before anyone found him. The people who found him seemed nice, saving his life and giving him a place to stay. But, when it came time to build a portal so Henrik could get back home, the people revealed that they invented an effective powering system: they used souls forever trapped in electrical chambers. They strapped Henrik to the machine and used his soul to power it, then they left him there as they traveled to the Realm of Wisdom, creating an apocalypse. Marvin heard of the chaos in the Realm of Wisdom (he had severed his bond too for reasons unknown) and used a spell to see what happened to Henrik. He saw the portal and Henrik’s suffering, which is why he was so scared. He also saw what had happened since he severed his bond. However, as he was still alive (alters die when the host dies no matter what), he knew Jack was too. Angered by Anti’s attempt to murder Jack and fearful of Henrik’s fate, he rushed away to alert Jack, only to be encountered by a familiar foe...

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  • So when is the continuation?

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  • I have a theory. So I was checking the description and I saw the line “Inform an AIMC immediately!” I tried looking up what AIMC could mean but I didn’t really get anything, but then I thought: What if it doesn’t really stand for anything that relates to the sentence itself, but rather stands for “Anti Is Marvin’s Creation”. I know it’s far fetched, but what if?

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  • thats actually not too far from how the occult really looks well done

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  • JacksepticEYE

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  • I mean the problem is clearly that you've decided to use a Palantir. Tell me, when did you abandon reason for madness?

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  • the fact he got a grimoire with an accurate alchemy table is amusing to me

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  • I translated the original title from Latin to English and I got Silver Empty ? Idk what it means, but if anyone has an idea, I'd love to hear it

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    • I means silver void

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  • @jack this made me believe in Satan again thank you😁

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  • Probably no one is reading this but the ending is Anti's laugh, reversed and at 2x speed.

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  • These shorts are really cool jack i love the lighting and the effects keep up the amazing work jackaboy!

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  • The unholy fan girl screech I just revealed scared the hell out of my dog-

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  • Me : *sees green glowing orb* JUMANJIIIIIII !

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  • The Manga : Unus Annus The Anime : Argentum Inanis

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  • Good Magic trick man ! Jumanji orb looks awesome Can't wait for the others to play with it

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  • I made a theory video about the possible origin of Antisepticeye a year back, going on some things I found odd in one of his three scary games videos. I’ve got it in my theories playlist if you’d like to watch it! I also make fun videos of Jacksepticeye having misadventures with Dawko and some of my favourite ILworldrs plus music videos of Anti, Darkiplier and some others! I recently just got 100 subscribers and I never thought I’d get that many...Also Sean, if you’re reading this, it would really mean the world to me if you subscribed to me

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  • So Argentum Inanis means empty sliver, I've seen everyone talking about that. But no one's said anything about the description! "Please use Argentum Inanis with caution. Inform an AIMC immediately! Don't make eye contact." That orb is obviously the empty silver, and my guess is; that's it's used for spiritual or dark connections. He's wearing a hooded cloak that appears to be blood red in colour. And his eyes are pitch black. This was possibly an attempt to either summon or communicate with Anti, probably in order to find out more about him. Possibly Marvin was trying to put himself in Anti's mind, and manipulate. But I think it backfired, and Marvin has obviously become possessed, in the process. With that portal pulling him in; like it did with Henrik. The images showing up in the orb are of the future and the past. You can see Chase and Henrik both looking flustered when trying to fight against Anti. But Marvin seems to embrace it, as he becomes surrounded by flames and starts to invert his colours. The orb is showing Marvin what will happen if he doesn't fight back, and let's Anti have him. And after the possession, I think he'll listen. And as for the AIMC, that could represent many things. Authoritative Individual of Magic Casting? I'm not sure, but all I can say for sure, is that Marvin is in real danger. And is probably going to be depressed for a long time.

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  • Anti: "You and your friends will die" that what he said but what will happen next?

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  • I bet the last one will be Anti- We had Jameson Jackson and Chase Brody last year and this year it was Marvin. I wonder who will be next 🤔

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  • theory: the description for this video, as well as what seems to be marvin’s book of shadows, both say, “please use argentum inanis with caution!”. could argentum inanis, aka “empty silver”, be the orb shown in the video? is this why marvin can see what’s happening to the other egos by the hands of anti? perhaps anti is connected in some way to the alchemy marvin is using, and thus the empty silver - this would explain why it connects to the other egos.

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  • I literally had a dream where I heard a voice say “Don’t look it in the eyes” as I was walking into a dark basement and immediately when I looked to the right I made eye contact with a being that could give you goosebumps just by thinking about it.

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