The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us

10 דצמ 2020
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This is the smartest I've EVER been in Among Us
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  • When I read not Spediceyes name I first read it as "Koo Rage" and I was like whaaa

    Cyclone of SteelCyclone of Steel13 שעות לפני
  • Lazer beam

    David GameplayDavid Gameplayיום לפני
  • Anyone and everyone who plays Among us please help me eliminate this scourge of people who are using this amazing game as a dating website like tinder it isnt tinder pls help me destroy these people and kick them out of Among Us

    trickster6647trickster6647יום לפני
  • Xx 🙊😊

    Mad ManMad Man2 ימים לפני
  • People only play with Karl bc hes sad and bc he knows me beast

    Left4breadLeft4bread2 ימים לפני
  • No cap means no lies

    Sour ClueSour Clue2 ימים לפני
  • I have to say jack, Lazar, and raw really sound how they look amazing. I sound manly but my face hmmmmm

    Justin Frankco LutherJustin Frankco Luther2 ימים לפני
  • Jack :never trust australians Me: who would win on fortnite. LAZAR VS Jacksepticeye

    Dallas GeneDallas Gene3 ימים לפני
  • Tub o sounds sooo much like Fresh

    Anna WołejkoAnna Wołejko3 ימים לפני
  • This is indeed a big brain moment

    Alrighty thenAlrighty then3 ימים לפני
  • Why do you play with Lazar again? He acts kinda like a big baby.... Just my opinion.

    Erock1900Erock19003 ימים לפני
  • I'm 17 and don't know what cap means someone please enlighten me

    Arianna DaubekArianna Daubek4 ימים לפני
    • Cap means lies

      Loki LaufeysonLoki Laufeyson2 ימים לפני
  • Lazar toxic

    Caiden HuffCaiden Huff4 ימים לפני
  • You know when you play with Sykkuno too much when you’re stealing his catchphrases

    Walter SeegannaWalter Seeganna5 ימים לפני
  • Jack: “never trust Australians” Me: 👁👄👁🇦🇺

    Bunnylovar 8Bunnylovar 85 ימים לפני
  • Lazar seems super salty and kinda toxic tbh.

    AnxioussArtistAnxioussArtist5 ימים לפני
  • Hi I'm new to the vids

    Heather JamesHeather James6 ימים לפני
    • 👍

      Elijah Daniel Ray WoodElijah Daniel Ray Wood6 ימים לפני
  • Nice

    lil dudelil dude6 ימים לפני
  • Jack insulting Australians and British people Me being Aussie: 👁👄👁

    GamingwithEva123GamingwithEva1237 ימים לפני
  • Seriously, saying you hate every single person just for being picked as the Impostor is stupid. I get being upset if you're _not_ the Impostor, but that guy just made a fool of himself. Get over it; you're not going to win every time. Even then, if your _team_ wins, you still do, too. Kudos to the others for talking about hemorrhoids instead. XD

    TheNinLegoGamerTheNinLegoGamer7 ימים לפני
  • Tommy: *take's out trash* *gets kill Tommy: what the fuck

    S A D B O Y ツ realsteal •_•S A D B O Y ツ realsteal •_•8 ימים לפני
  • Im an ausi

    Jojo MwapeJojo Mwape8 ימים לפני

    Vincent YotsVincent Yots8 ימים לפני
  • I hate this

    Archer McGlashanArcher McGlashan8 ימים לפני
  • "NEVER, they deserved it! And ill f*cking do it AGAIN in a HEARTBEAT" I'm now scared of jack 0_0

    Mr. Mystique Dragon Blast 2010Mr. Mystique Dragon Blast 20108 ימים לפני
  • I watch Charlie all the time and as soon as I heard his tone of voice I instantly knew he was lying from watching all of this imposter games.

    PsudopodPsudopod8 ימים לפני
  • jack saying no cap is the greatest thing to grace the internet

    Faibien OsmanFaibien Osman8 ימים לפני
  • Did I cheat? I just played among us and got booted by the host after being imposter. I killed two people and both times the crewmates voted other people off, and I just went with it as that helped me out. Then I sabotaged 02 and at first went to fix it to show I'm "safe" But there was only one other person so I took a chance and killed them. Once another person came it was too late and time ran out on 02. Did I cheat as that was seen as camping? Just asking so I don't get booted out again.

    Jennifer MckennaJennifer Mckenna8 ימים לפני
    • @Navneeth Krishna cool thanks for replying :)

      Jennifer MckennaJennifer Mckenna4 ימים לפני
    • Nah they're just salty

      Navneeth KrishnaNavneeth Krishna4 ימים לפני
  • What is VIK doing here?

    STANSTAN9 ימים לפני
  • Omg I’m so offended I’m AUUUSTRALIAN frock off mate

    Isabella WinterIsabella Winter9 ימים לפני
  • 8:20 Holy shet, I’m scared now, Seán. Thanks. 😂 Also... 27:26; WHAT THE FOCK WAS THAT?! 🤣

    The American YouTuberThe American YouTuber9 ימים לפני
  • Its 100% Tommy and Lazer Beam

    Spencer StringerSpencer Stringer9 ימים לפני
  • “AuStRaLiAnS aRe JuSt BuDgEt bRItIsH PeOplE” Wait... he saved himself

    A16 productionsA16 productions9 ימים לפני
  • I only saw his forehead in the thumbnail at first and thought it was Jacksflims

    I Think Its TimeI Think Its Time9 ימים לפני

    lumen hartlumen hart9 ימים לפני
  • i dont like vikkstar

    Madeline EvansMadeline Evans9 ימים לפני
  • As an Australian citizen I take effence to that comment

    Wolfe 59Wolfe 5910 ימים לפני

    isabella sassy squidwardisabella sassy squidward10 ימים לפני

    breathless blanketbreathless blanket11 ימים לפני
  • Lazar seems really upset jesus

    YoshYosh11 ימים לפני
  • ( 🧿 ¿ 🧿)

  • There’s two things that me and Landon relate to we’re both Australian we both swear a lot

    Harrison GardnerHarrison Gardner11 ימים לפני
  • Cap means sereies

    Sebastian DavidSebastian David11 ימים לפני
  • Fat

    DisabsDisabs11 ימים לפני
  • Sorry but why does Tommy get out the first every time

    StonksStonks11 ימים לפני
    • Child

      Loki LaufeysonLoki Laufeyson2 ימים לפני
  • Fact: if your head is bigger your dumber, but if your head is smaller your smarter cause the brain shrinks and the smaller it gets means less room for error

    Supreme RebelSupreme Rebel11 ימים לפני
  • Egg

    The person who comments Egg on every video TMThe person who comments Egg on every video TM12 ימים לפני
  • Armie Hammer

    Franck NASTASIFranck NASTASI12 ימים לפני
  • this is what I watch when Im skipping school. I have half an hour to do 4 lessons

    Lizzy's Gacha WorldLizzy's Gacha World12 ימים לפני
  • The friendly goldfish progressively subtract because yacht rahilly chase besides a tearful ethernet. deeply, scarce shirt

    Will RaquelWill Raquel12 ימים לפני
  • Double jack imposter

    Clone GamingClone Gaming12 ימים לפני
  • First time I have ever seen jack being imposter lol

    Clone GamingClone Gaming12 ימים לפני
  • why do i feel like saying no cap is cringe

    OesOes12 ימים לפני
  • 7:23 Is was at this moment that he knew he messed up.

    BatSlayer2448BatSlayer244813 ימים לפני
  • Budget British people

    Sofia LizzySofia Lizzy13 ימים לפני
  • Im australian lazar is a true aussie

    Abbey WellsAbbey Wells13 ימים לפני
  • The thumbnail is how I’ve caught someone before

    dontsinkthe boatdontsinkthe boat13 ימים לפני
  • Does anyone have Snapchat because I need friends to play with

    Cooltiger 099Cooltiger 09913 ימים לפני
  • if Big. T dose not die in the first round u now it's him

    killer gameskiller games13 ימים לפני
  • Sean could have just waited for a few seconds and he could have won the first game

    Jason RileyJason Riley13 ימים לפני

    jfhdhdbfbhfnfnfjfhdhdbfbhfnfnf13 ימים לפני
  • Watching this back a month later a just now saw this 22:27 Jack: Technically We are all discount British people. Me: What about the Native Americans dipshit (I am native american, so this is why I am so damn triggered)

    Scout the ScavengerScout the Scavenger13 ימים לפני
  • Two of my favorite youtubers!!! Lazerbeam and Jackseptickeye

    Shadow crowe mcocShadow crowe mcoc13 ימים לפני
  • Famn Jack killed that crewmate round

    Golden WeedGolden Weed13 ימים לפני
  • Now how did Karl get here?

    Classic ink studiosClassic ink studios13 ימים לפני
  • I'm Australia mate

    J JJ J14 ימים לפני
  • I love lazerbeam

    blaze dragonblaze dragon14 ימים לפני
    • Bc I am Ozzie

      blaze dragonblaze dragon14 ימים לפני
  • What does cap mean?

    Micah BrewerMicah Brewer14 ימים לפני
  • 3:29 Did... did i just get called a trash chute by subtitles

    Lil ChiefLil Chief14 ימים לפני
  • We all know jack killed Tommy first so he’s not annoying him the entire time lmao

    Lucy GallagherLucy Gallagher14 ימים לפני
  • Cap means crap

    DemiDWH 663DemiDWH 66314 ימים לפני
  • in round 2 vik faked shields is a visual and only 1 person can do it

    Gaming With MemerGaming With Memer15 ימים לפני
  • play TABG again plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YeBoiStormzyYeBoiStormzy15 ימים לפני
  • Rae: wouldn't report this body OBVIOUSLY if I was imp Me: 'visible confusion' self, maybe?

    super feeshsuper feesh15 ימים לפני

    KeymasterKeymaster15 ימים לפני
  • like he gets good so fast

    Mohammed NajibaMohammed Najiba15 ימים לפני
  • damn so sean is like some sort of among us pro now wow

    Mohammed NajibaMohammed Najiba15 ימים לפני
  • Mr. Fruit is better

    Cheese WheelCheese Wheel15 ימים לפני
  • Jacksepticeye isn’t real?

    TangoMaster8912TangoMaster891215 ימים לפני
  • Technically Australians aren’t budget British people we are the worst part of it that they wanted to get rid of

    Timmy McgregorTimmy Mcgregor15 ימים לפני
  • 23:11 "Ah fuck I'm limp"

    Tomi ToitturiTomi Toitturi15 ימים לפני
  • Hey. You yes YOU want to subscribe to me its free and will only take 0.01 seconds out of your day. and great video man. Don't think i randomly picked a video this comment is going on every video that has among us in the tital

    VouldsaVouldsa16 ימים לפני
  • * *me as an Australian* * I love Lazar-

    EløfyEløfy16 ימים לפני
  • i actallly knew it was grease on second round when jack was crewmate becuase i saw grease fake task the remember game in reacter when they were all together if jack sees this remember to watch the bar when someone dose a task

    Magoosey GamingMagoosey Gaming16 ימים לפני
  • Charlie and Karl sound so much alike 😂😂😂

    Rue RueRue Rue16 ימים לפני
  • Isnt his name Sean? Is jack like an easier way of saying it?

    KaiserWaffleKaiserWaffle16 ימים לפני
    • it's a common nickname for Sean if you're Irish

      echoecho13 ימים לפני
  • Anyone else hear the music they use in Plague Inc. Evolved? I hear it especially in a meeting.

    TestSubject6TestSubject618 ימים לפני
  • No cap

    DogeinatorDogeinator18 ימים לפני
  • First game Everybody:everybody with normal names dies

    Jaelyn WinnJaelyn Winn18 ימים לפני
  • Im so glad Jack doesn’t understand Cap either 😂

    Slipping_The_KNOT #RIPBrodieLeeSlipping_The_KNOT #RIPBrodieLee18 ימים לפני
    • I just thought ppl were spelling crap wrong 😂

      PxndaCakesPxndaCakes11 ימים לפני
  • Jack needs to get aviators with gold lenses and he'd look exactly like Joseph Seed

    Wendigo airsoft & ReenactmentWendigo airsoft & Reenactment19 ימים לפני
  • jack you should play with lazarbeam more often

    Fizz DoomFizz Doom19 ימים לפני
  • greaseballs voice is VERY annoying

    Gruesome TwosomeGruesome Twosome19 ימים לפני
  • What’s the music used in the voting sections of the video like at 1:17

    BrutusZ10BrutusZ1020 ימים לפני
  • Who else knew as soon as the music started something would go VERY wrong

    Alyssa PerezAlyssa Perez20 ימים לפני
  • Engineer gaming

    engineer gamingengineer gaming20 ימים לפני
  • JACK I am not a bloody discount British

    Reggie PattersonReggie Patterson20 ימים לפני
  • I have no alibi when i get cought i get cought i have no one to blame

    Michael GoinsMichael Goins20 ימים לפני
  • Took book no

    Dragon KingDragon King20 ימים לפני
  • Im becoming tost but without the smarts Self rost dont see that offten

    Liliana FriedmanLiliana Friedman20 ימים לפני