I'm In Attack on Titan

5 ינו 2021
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First meme time of 2021 baby
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  • Good guy Jack being careful not to share manga spoilers. 🙏💜

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    • omg funimation !!! I LOVE YOUR ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      fake dreamfake dreamיום לפני
    • Ay my fav anime service

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    • O M G

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    • Funimation let's get jack in a real anime

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    • 481

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  • I just hope he doesn't die 10 seconds later

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  • Aot 🔥

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  • After everything, it's still you

    Sydney HigginbothamSydney Higginbotham7 שעות לפני
  • They dont even know rhat your the best youtuber

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  • Meme time= good time

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  • AOT clip @ 6:10

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  • I triple dog dare u to grow a big lumberjack beard

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  • Revelation: You know how Jack's been having all those digestive issues?... uuuuh, you think that might've started happening AFTER downing water Jesus' fluids 😳

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  • I still remember when my parents caught me watching one of your videos when i was 6.

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  • lmao i can tell ian been watchin him cs when i left he still had his green hair . 🙁

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  • 21:12 Felix could play guitar

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  • love you

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  • We love u Jack thank u for always giving us a smile and a good laugh even when things are rough ◕‿◕

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  • I know u r irish but.......what with the huwaht

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  • "Second camera is not on" 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Dublin always wins rugby smh

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  • "she came down in a bubble dog"

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  • Epic

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  • i miss the old jacksepticeye "smash that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS!!!"

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  • soooooooo jack

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  • smarte boy

    sarah fishbeinsarah fishbeinיום לפני
  • Is it bad that I have a 3 hour version of the meme song in my files?

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  • FYI its actually 2020 won

    Awesome BaconAwesome Baconיום לפני
  • You read the manga to

    Ava TorresAva Torresיום לפני
  • Jack better have that cdl to drive that DUMP TRUCK😂😂😂😂😂

    Austin DukeAustin Dukeיום לפני
  • yandere simulator for nostalgia week?

    MarryMarryיום לפני

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  • bro ive watched u ever since i was old enough to know what youtube was your my lord and saviour jackie boy

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  • I got a meme, Is that Asahi???

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  • I’ve been watching this channel sense 2017

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  • Jack should be in the last session

    smoochie guccismoochie gucciיום לפני
  • For the year of 2025 I wanna see Jack use a trombone for Undertale’s tenth birthday

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  • I love attack on titan, its sick

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  • Seán: Oh does that mean you all have to drink my fluids? Oh? 2021, the year of Jacksepticeye bath water? Maybe I should get in a vat of coffee. Maybe I should get in, just like a big vat of the cold brew, and then sit in that, and then we could sell that to you guys. Be honest, Seán. Are you secretly the guy selling "me flavoured water" in Disenchantment?

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  • I am dying at "Now that I have capitalism out of the way-" also also, anyone who also crochets, have any advice on how to make a doll? Or should I just make a jack dino? Hehehe

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  • It's meme time 🤣

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  • I am legend is what will happen this year

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  • The meme time song cures my sadness by itself

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  • I’m here to have fun

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  • Bro its been like months sens I seen Jack bc no wifi but that BOI IM THICK made me tear up

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  • I've seen a scene were someone runs and starts stabin' the crap out of a titan

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  • That Pokémon music at the 500k, it gave me some good memories

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  • Little did they know I pissed on the floor

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  • Fun fact: the fan made attack on titan picture of jack was levi when he was fighting some dudes

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  • Can you plzzz play attack on titan it such a good game

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  • Jack.. Man... They just added the office to the uk Netflix lmao.

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  • What year did y’all start watching him? I’ll go first: 2016 ik not super long... but I was 8 •_• soo

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  • Jack: I wanna be funny, non-aging man like Paul Roob! (Sorry if I butchered his name) Tom cruise: *sad, funny non-aging man noises*

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  • Next time you diy your hair diy your beard as well

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  • 19:05

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  • O:) oh yeah this is big brain time

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  • I Love attack on titan

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  • 18:30 Oh boy i'd love some jacksepticeye top of the morning coffee with extra essence of actual jack!

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  • Jack- *talking about getting his hair cut* Me- "No it looks so good."

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  • play friday night funkin

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  • Sean: c'mon Kilkenny Me sat in my house in Kilkenny: I have been remembered

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  • 18:28 First take a shower, then maybe I will get it. You do not want us to get sick, Right?

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  • 16:16 The picture frames in the background though.

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  • The best thing about 2020 was discovering jacksrpticeye through Among Us. His content has really helped me through the mentally rough spots and to all those whose memes on the reddit page or in the commens, thank you!

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  • When seeeaaan looks directly into the cemera I fall in love...

    not someone taking over the world defnautly notnot someone taking over the world defnautly not3 ימים לפני
  • Jack is a tie fighter 3:12

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  • My cat once ate a ribbon, Like a wholeass ribbon She had to get surgery but she’s fine now

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  • they don't even know i've had all the weird products inna room and already filmed the video

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  • “It’s Corpsie Worpsie and bestfriend Sykunnie”

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  • Jack you said Netflix is crap then just watch anime in Netflix

  • Jack: "maybe I just should get in a vat of coffee, and then we can sell that to you guys" Me: .... you don't already do that..?

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  • I really recommend Alice In Borderland really good and it’s on Netflix

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  • Meme 👏 Review

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  • Jack, you can’t lie, your Irish accent is GONE.

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  • Anime sucks

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  • 23:41 A little he says, A LITTLE

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  • Piss off 2020!

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  • Jack: I wanna shear your guys' best version of this meme in the comments Me: They don't even know i have my own coffee brand Jack: They don't even know i have my own coffee beans called top of the mornin coffee Me: i-

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  • I have a bad felling I'm my tum yum when I'd learned that jack was calling us poop this entire time :(

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  • Second grade me when someone said a swear word on the bus: 7:20

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  • Ay Jack, you still watch Rick and Morty???

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  • well my town enforced curfew. Increased the lawforce in the quarantine. Barricaded all non essential goods. Like clothes in the middle of winter. And there as been a surge of dog kidnapping. Because its the exception to go after certain hours. Having a dog. Worst then 2020 confirmed. Then again. Most of 2020 i spent it at the hospital because of a surgery. Maybe im wrong and it was worst last year.

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  • this r/ was litterally made 1 day bfo my bday wtf

    - Pandanimeoki -- Pandanimeoki -3 ימים לפני
  • Is jack not joined in his own redditt??

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  • when is saw attack on titan i subscribed so fast.....

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  • "Pog??"

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  • Dirt is the best Minecraft block

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  • About to do an essay on humor, First thing i'm gonna put is meme time

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    • Then funniest home videos, and finally..... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

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  • It's Dublin

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  • Someone: "He's really settled down" Jack as of late: "DING DING DING BELL OF EVERYTHING *furious slide whistle noises*"

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  • can you play more attack on titian wins of freedom

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  • What happen to green hair

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  • Give me some big momy dollars

  • The cdc is getting ready for a zombie apocalypse

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  • F#$& al you haters i love watching him

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  • Jack change a lot, he use to swore more in the past but now he just doesnt swore sometimes

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  • do photoshop battles PLEASE

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  • Yay

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  • "Sweet sweet fluids!" - Joel Vargskelethor, Doom wads.

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  • I love attack on titain too bad is going off Netflix😭😭😭😭

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