I found my old hat!

13 אוג 2020
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I found my old hat and attempted to become more irish again
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  • lol Jack wear hat go brrrrr

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    • You hit 200k likes lol

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    • Lel

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    • My dads side of the family is Irish my mom’s side is German I was born with alcohol in my right hand

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    • Noo

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    • WELLP WE HIT 454K

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  • Plot twist: He didnt find his hat but bought a similliar looking one

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  • ‘’Funny Irish guy goes top of the morning’’

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  • Me as an American at 3:34,”Uhmmmm...”

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  • Only real ones remember watching Yu Ming is ainm dom in class

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  • Nice 400k likes

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  • Prefabs are a thing in America as well, at least in some parts.

  • Does it count if I actually anm half Irish?? I'm not a stereotype. ;-;

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  • How far did it get?

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  • Seán: "the British beat the Irish outta my voice" Me: oh, so the troubles have started again.

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  • Prefabs in the US are called the portables. They were the worst!

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  • I Germany we call it a 'Polish exit' O.O

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  • Omg god it’s like I am talking to another Australia, we have the same problems as well😂😅🤣

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  • Sean look at the like on the video

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  • Welll jack, you got over 200k likes... so *what about the bell thing?*

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  • So when is he going stick that bell up

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  • Hey i live in crumlin

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  • ngl when he put the hat on I got veitnam flashbacks

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  • Have those “temporary” classrooms in America too

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  • THE HAT! i'm late sorry but i just love this video JACK U LEGEND!

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  • Que?

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  • wheev memorized our meser systoms.

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  • im amercan and i dont know what the plant is here my best attempst to spell it arugala but its arugula

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  • i got that same kind of hat

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  • me:*Sees that jack found his old hat* also me:*remembers every video that he had the het on in*

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  • Ha ha . . . I don’t get it

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  • I'm partially genetically irish. doesn't mean I'm an irishman. Seriously, I've lived in Washington state my whole life.

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  • im actually 30% Irish

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  • my internal monologue took on an irish accent briefly after this video. my thoughts were heavily irish lmao

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  • 7:59 *im pretty sure one of the dogs died😳*

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  • As an irish person.... Dear god jack has missed too much-

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  • Bell of Jacksepticeyes not Irish until he moves back to Ireland “ding ding ding”

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  • Yeah I live in England and one of the “temporary” buildings was turned into an actual building

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  • Jack:if we hit 200.000 likes on this video,i'll take this bell and shove it up my ass The video:*have twice than that*

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  • 7:51 I'd argue boris Johnson looks like Albert Einstein on a bike

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  • I learned a lot about the Irish today.

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  • 13:55 oml yesssss I live in the US and this is relatable as heck

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  • Ok but we hit 200k likes

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  • im i n america and have the building

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  • video idea: get more in touch with Ireland actual video: LETS MAKE FUN OF AMERICA lmao

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  • God i wish i lived there

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  • America won't switch it's system is because it would cost a lot of money to switch the signs and a lot more time and most of the generations have already been taught the US standard so that's why we won't switch.

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  • Bode ba bam Bade bame

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  • yes, we should convert to the metric system, but I think we would like to brag a little while longer that we're smarter because we have to convert things in larger amounts and whatnot haha jk PLEASE AMERICA DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN STRUGGLING IN MATH, DON'T MAKE IT HARDER FOR THEM WITH THIS BS

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  • hey this was posted on my birthday! .....its been a year what happened to us

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  • 14:10 my brother when the teacher pressures him enough to say what he did when he "went to the bathroom" half an hour ago

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  • I'm not fucking messing I shed a tear when he found the fucking hat,my childhood came back

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  • 457k jack. Where’s the vid jack?

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  • I think jack might of forgotten that northern ireland is in the uk or that it even exists. Also, Jack(to great Britain) : get outta here england!!! Scotland & Wales: are we a joke to you?!

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  • I'm from Cali and we had Prefabs

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  • The Irish speak drunken leprican

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  • In my elementary school some classes were held in literal shipping containers when the school was being extended

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  • I'm a sheila who relates to everything in this video

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  • fun fact if you put fun fact in your comment people will read the whole thing

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  • when he put the hat back on i felt overjoyed

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  • We got more than 200,000 likes..........

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  • ima have to watch father ted again

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  • I’m going to explain Irish speaking to you, English with a DLC

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  • You could fit the handle, good luck with the rest

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  • Aussies also have most of the uk stuff (obviously) so America yes you have the weird things

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  • Memories

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  • the anciant crown

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  • what i think is funny about metric vs. imperial (i prefer imperial because science and metric sucks why is my country like this) is that the *imperial* system wasn’t invented by america - we kept the old system that europe used

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  • I can see the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

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  • " I'm not even a good source of humanity" *doubt*

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  • 13:47 we have those in america too.

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  • America is pretty much metric, schools use metric along with imperial at least

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  • ( and I mean the hair style)

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  • If you go to 0:57 in the video then he looks like the protagonist from my friend Pedro

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  • so about that bell

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  • 11:05 and there he goes go getting a cat simping for his girlfriend.

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  • 400k likes huh... IT'S BELL TIME SEAN

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  • I thought he was going say the Irish president had a massive dong that he brings with him

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  • 12:00 Well why do people refer America as a single country (I'm talking about the US)? "when I went to america" Which one North or south, and which country Brazil or Canada?

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  • In Australia we have them lol it's bloody funny

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  • 13:11 "i love cocain!!"

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  • He has 400k likes so he has to so he the bell up his ars

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  • As a Welsh person I can 100% relate to the following an American recipe post.

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  • Where’s the “sppcccchhh”

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  • so uuuuh... 400k likes... you gotta do it man.

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  • i thought the thumbnail was another post on reddit edited to look like he's wearing the hat when i tell you i teared up when i saw him put it on-

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  • fuck yeah

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  • Whats a curly wurly????

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  • I'm from elkview wv I go to herbert hoover high school that has been our whole school scence 2016

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  • I clicked onto this vid and I went straight to full screen and I went to like the vid and I already have it liked and I was like oh damn lmaoo I’m a real fan alright 😂

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  • Ages of tears are released when I saw the thing that began with him still lives. Long live the Jacksepticeye hat!

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  • 0:45 Dw me and my friends are Irish and we love you

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  • I got 2 cream eggs in the same wrapper last Christmas in the heroes tub

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  • Sean: says f*ck like 50 times in this vid Sean about to read the word fag: so I won't say that word cuz it's a bad word

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  • im scottish and i had one of those prefabs

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  • lol i renber that from hard time

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  • "I'd be lying if i didn't say they weren't right"

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  • It’s reached 200k likes. I feel bad for u😂

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  • It’s a crown but I like you without it

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  • shove it jack

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