19 דצמ 2020
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Proximity chat is the best way to play Among Us
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  • I'm so glad that he started to use this in every Among us video

    IsassinIsassin2 שעות לפני
  • The glitch in his mic 😂😂😂 26:14

    Tylique WilliamsTylique Williams4 שעות לפני
  • This thumbnail is a perfect photo to describe what among us with Jack,Corpse and Sykkuno

    GNX_Se3kerGNX_Se3ker4 שעות לפני
  • Jack reminds me of a dad playing with his kids

    Austin JencksAustin Jencks14 שעות לפני
  • Wait, I thought Pewds was ur best friend?

    Angus WhitmanAngus Whitman15 שעות לפני
  • I love how in a lot of people’s among us proximity chat videos there’s a lot of shaky cam because of all the screaming and chaos

    Kaelynn KKaelynn K17 שעות לפני
  • The chaotic energy in this video is *chefs kiss* 👌🏻

    hollyjenniferpalmerhollyjenniferpalmer18 שעות לפני
  • They should make a corpse alarm sound

    OxYgen7812OxYgen7812יום לפני
  • 26:00 the DVD sign hit the corner

    Mc creetusMc creetusיום לפני
  • tina: i walked in and i said hey john, ARF ARF amirite? and he’s like WOOF

    Kate CarampotKate Carampotיום לפני
  • i’m so happy this group exists

    Kate CarampotKate Carampotיום לפני
  • 20:17 tf is that face

    Llama PunchLlama Punchיום לפני
  • Go to 8:54 you'll see only the males on the Left while on the right it's Females only Also at 25:20

    Benjamin AtkinsonBenjamin Atkinsonיום לפני
  • Maple bacon dounts are actually GOOD af

    Maggie McCauslinMaggie McCauslinיום לפני
  • Did jack live stream this? If not why does he have to cover up the room code?

    Devon NobleDevon Noble3 ימים לפני
    • yeah i’m pretty sure he did livestream this, most among us games are livestreamed

      Kate CarampotKate Carampotיום לפני
  • Ding ding ding ding top of morning

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  • 0:00 nice cat ears 0:01 *EH*

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  • I am laughing a lot and I can’t stop too😆😆😆

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  • Did they intentionally plan this among us game so there are five males and five females

    Jake DeMamielJake DeMamiel5 ימים לפני
  • I don't know who Tina is, but I love her.

    Megan MacGregorMegan MacGregor5 ימים לפני
  • 0:32 I agree

    Colton VanoverColton Vanover5 ימים לפני
  • sykkuno went super saiyan

    Ryan DoddRyan Dodd5 ימים לפני
  • that very funny type of sus

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  • If ur seeing this when the dislikes are 888 then hello otherwise hi

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  • p

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  • Corpse is a teddy bear

    Isaiah HallIsaiah Hall6 ימים לפני
  • I don't have to stress out *body gets reported* *SCREAMS*

    Izzy _MemesIzzy _Memes6 ימים לפני
  • Sykepticeye

    Pepe THE frogPepe THE frog6 ימים לפני
  • 15:42 besties

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  • where u get the mods from?

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  • No one: Rae: ahhhhHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh

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  • Why is corpses voice so corpsey

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  • However, I have seen that Leslie is safe. Henceforth, Leslie is the sussest person on Polus.

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  • I agree with Tinaaa, Maple Bacon doughnuts are the best.

    Drak3n8rDrak3n8r7 ימים לפני
  • :0 Sykkuno didn’t do his keys!

    Citrine IrisCitrine Iris8 ימים לפני
  • Sean has a deeper voice than corpse at 21:56

    NateGG05NateGG058 ימים לפני
  • How did I miss this video, the editing's insane as hell. Love it

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  • No one: Tina: I was being a race car

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  • This video was crazy

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  • 27:59

    Chonker Kid 56Chonker Kid 569 ימים לפני
  • 23:19

    Chonker Kid 56Chonker Kid 569 ימים לפני
  • 00:00

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  • Jack: Sykkuno is awesome! Corpse: sykkuno is awesome Sykkuno: I am awesome as hell!!!

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  • maple bacon sound like an American and a Canadian mixed together

    Nate ReillyNate Reilly9 ימים לפני
  • Man proximity chat is so nice, you dont have to stress ou- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Imortal VibesImortal Vibes9 ימים לפני
  • What if real life had proximity chat- wait I'm an idiot

    lemon pallemon pal9 ימים לפני
  • diceroll comin THRU with the editing

    击ece击ece9 ימים לפני
  • heart

    Megan LeonardoMegan Leonardo10 ימים לפני
  • Its nice to hear someone sing I write sins not tragedies for an among us game

    Felonia Melva FrancisFelonia Melva Francis10 ימים לפני
  • *prank*

    Moose On CrackMoose On Crack10 ימים לפני
  • 5:07 The Best transition in the history of ILworld, makes me laugh every time lmao

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  • Toast : delta Alfa delta Alfa Jack: uuululullululuu

    myeeshaaa _myeeshaaa _11 ימים לפני
  • Jacksepticeye to Rae: if I was imposter you’d be dead first Rae: dies first No one sus Sean!!! Also I found the legendary last name in BitLife McLaughlin lol

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  • Eggg

    The person who comments Egg on every video TMThe person who comments Egg on every video TM11 ימים לפני
  • whenever this group plays proximity chat it feels like sean is babysitting a bunch of kids

    vicvic11 ימים לפני
  • 0:54 jack, grogu is the name of “baby yoda” from the mandalorian.

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  • Awesome video

    Luke Santos FacchinoLuke Santos Facchino12 ימים לפני
  • Am I in another fever dream?

    Aiden McmemeAiden Mcmeme12 ימים לפני
  • I feel bad for Rae sometimes, but Corpse’s voice is the big spicy.

    Timothy DoddTimothy Dodd12 ימים לפני
  • Maple bacon donuts are really good

    Caleb LewisCaleb Lewis12 ימים לפני
  • I absolutely LOVE the kind of chaos in this group

    Emilio LokiEmilio Loki12 ימים לפני
  • What proximity chat do they use? The one my friends use can only do 9 people because one is like a shadow bot

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  • racecar.

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  • 5:49 i replayed so many times, lmao

    weird goatweird goat13 ימים לפני
  • Jack: i like proximity chat more than regular among us because i don't have to stress out Also Jack when a body is found: *A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A*

    •Itz_Kay 4692••Itz_Kay 4692•13 ימים לפני
  • Can someone tell me where they playing among us with proximity chat...thanks

    Amanda BarnettAmanda Barnett14 ימים לפני
  • Why do you cover the code. One the video uploads its no good

    Blazyn DoshierBlazyn Doshier14 ימים לפני
  • Only Americans eat bacon maple donuts

    PlushFreddyPlushFreddy15 ימים לפני
  • "Are you 150,000 percent sure "MmH VeNT

    Tamara SykesTamara Sykes15 ימים לפני
  • Corpse sounds like Batman

    Zachary LindgrenZachary Lindgren15 ימים לפני
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  • The voices people simp for: Jack -Irish Corpse- deep Sykkuno-cute

    Jess ValleyJess Valley16 ימים לפני
    • Especially in this video, Sykkuno honestly sounded like Mr. Hippo from Five Nights at Freddy's (Ultimate Custom Night)

      samsonguy10ksamsonguy10k2 ימים לפני
  • Yeah, cool story, bro. But did you bark, though? Alternate title: I bully Tina. 😂 This episode has been sponsored by Mandalorian.

    Justin CruzJustin Cruz16 ימים לפני
  • this video has so much chaotic energy. lol

    The Real Tree KingThe Real Tree King16 ימים לפני
  • Rae annoying Jack is the funniest part to me lol

    BlueRose 101BlueRose 10116 ימים לפני
  • When corpse talks my insides go BRRRRRRRRRRR

    Marina LodiMarina Lodi16 ימים לפני
  • Jack:"a killer would not get that scared" * flash back to when William was scared being chased by kids and was so scared he went inside a suit*

    •Moon Bloom••Moon Bloom•17 ימים לפני
  • Corpse is a grizzly bear as a human that deeeep ass voice

    Landon Bowling01Landon Bowling0117 ימים לפני
  • Did anyone else Cackle out loud when sykkuno said he was going to bark

    Ariana MendiolaAriana Mendiola17 ימים לפני
  • Omg Babushka brings back memories from primary school 🤣🤣

    Itz MeeAmayaItz MeeAmaya17 ימים לפני
  • all of them are furries lol

    H1JH1J17 ימים לפני

    H1JH1J17 ימים לפני
  • Okay but maple bacon donuts are actually good

    Ellie WellerEllie Weller17 ימים לפני
  • This entire video with the yelling and the "yes she is no im not" stuff feels like elementary playground chaos and its glorious

    Rebecca MockermanRebecca Mockerman17 ימים לפני
  • Jack: it's nice up here when everyone leaves Everyone: walks in Jack lost in the crowd: NEVERMIND!!! NEVERMIND!!!

    Mythical UnicornMythical Unicorn17 ימים לפני
  • *Sped Sykkuno* 17:22

    IntenseNovaIntenseNova17 ימים לפני
  • Jack: I like proximity chat though, it's so much more fun than regular among us I don't have to stress out- Everyone else: *gAsPinG aNd ScReEcHinG*

    Denise GonzalezDenise Gonzalez17 ימים לפני
  • Corpse's voice is so soothing

    ShelbyKingNFSShelbyKingNFS18 ימים לפני
  • Its like a bunch of fucking todlers... AMAZING.

    BlueHeronBlueHeron18 ימים לפני
    • TRUE

      sally reevessally reeves16 ימים לפני
  • 5:11

    Just Deepon BroJust Deepon Bro18 ימים לפני
    • The actual funny part 5:26

      Just Deepon BroJust Deepon Bro18 ימים לפני
  • bruh

    Lukas ReimerLukas Reimer18 ימים לפני
  • 14:56 is my favourite bit

    The silent TypeThe silent Type18 ימים לפני
  • jack simping hard for sykkuno is the funniest thing ever

    echilddechildd18 ימים לפני
  • god bless proximity chat!!!

    dj gp90dj gp9018 ימים לפני
  • I just love how jack pronounces 'bark' hahahahah

    this girl purple youthis girl purple you18 ימים לפני
  • I like how Jack took corpses fast forward idea for videos

    VenomkidVenomkid18 ימים לפני
  • So what's with the weird face at the bottom middle?

    Aspen CarterAspen Carter19 ימים לפני
    • covering the code for live streams

      RizeNIRRizeNIR18 ימים לפני