THE END OF ABBY'S STORY? | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 10

27 יונ 2020
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Could this be the end of Abby? Find out in this episode of The Last of Us Part II
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  • I got a lot of Outlast 2 vibes in the cutscene where Abby gets hanged

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  • Extra length that's what she said

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  • remember when we all thought that abby was going to be ellie’s mom in the trailer lol

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  • i feel like the entire problem with Last of Us 2 is that builds up to the climax as ellie and then completely restart

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  • Nobody: Sex scene: *Awkwardness overload*

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  • I love how when Owen is talking to Abby about the fucking lev is just in the background waiting to go

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  • 48:31 0.25 speed

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  • Imagine if this game had a proximity chat type thing that'd be awesome

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  • "FIRE AMMO!" *pun intended

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  • the music at the end of the vid always reminds me of the Prowler's theme from Into the Spiderverse

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  • Jack, didn't you have an apartment in 2015/2016? First place you moved to after the cabin?

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  • Jack messing up the dodging every time really ticks me off 😭😭

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  • Who watching this 2021

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  • 26:51??

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  • 29:40 the pain train joke had me dead lmao

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  • Just call her Abby "Pain Train" Anderson.

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  • He literally just stared when that awkward intimate part came. Like: 😐

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  • Anyone else notice the flag?

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    • @Ashton Mitchell someones in a bad mood lol

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    • @Spicy Solo cool, if you don't, you shouldn't. Moving on.

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    • @Ashton Mitchell idk what that means

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    • @Spicy Solo well, I WAS referring to the, uhhhh.... NSKFS.

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    • As soon as I read this I saw it

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  • Jack: remember joel the man you killed in cold blood Abby: yeah what does it matter to you anyway Jack:EVERYTHING

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  • I'd just take the yatch and leave. No infected at sea

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  • I cracked at : "I feel like I shouldn't be here" Omg X'D

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  • I feel like this section of the game hits home the point Naughty Dog was attempting. That slow descent into enjoying your time playing as Abby. Like Jack, the player is so traumatized and pissed off at a character they are then forced to play. And then dialogue, story, general bad-assery, catches you into moments of liking the characters you brutally murdered or really hated. Obviously for some people, they’re ability to hold onto a grudge and their attitude of “I will not be guilted or patronized into the game’s agenda/moral” was strongly underestimated. But for most, I think it works. In the back of your mind you’re like “ahhh I see what you’re doing game! Stop trying to make me forgive and like them” but over time, wounds heal.

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  • Anyone here 2021?

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  • On the subject of safes, you can actually use your ears to open them. When you turn the dial to say, the first number of the code, you'll hear a very distinct click. This works across all numbers of the code. It's slower than having the code on hand, but you can actually work out the code yourself if you don't have the code on hand.

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  • anyone see the A-posing stalker when jack said "we get it you rap on the fucking weekends"

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  • Jack, you almost killed me with the "the wee little clicker willies." I literally choked on my own spit 😂💀

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  • Abby has 😏 Jack: I feel like I shouldn’t be here

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  • wait i just realized why they kept repeating high up bridges and it’s because mel and owen knew abby had a fear of heights. and she was willing to still go up the buildings because she wanted to help.... omg

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  • Alabama

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  • Jack/Sean:Owen is one of the best characters in the game Me/Owen :why thank you Sean

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  • Sean/Jack:Owen Owen are you in here Me/Owen :yes I’m right here watching your video

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  • My question is how this video didn't get age restricted

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  • 1:20:42 I was hoping his reaction would be worse

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  • I’m watching this on New Year’s Eve

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  • 1:43:19-1:43:24 cracked me up. That was so unnecessary yet so funny at the same time 😂

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  • 1:36:43 - Yeah, but that's not how storytelling works. You can't have this as a sequel if you don't have any clue as to who is Abby and how she's tied to Joel & Ellie. As much as it pains us, this has to happen this way. Same way Joel & Ellie didn't start off together in Part 1.

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  • Anyone notice a creepy black and white face pop up on the door at 48:31 ? Set playback speed to 0.25 if you can't catch it

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  • “Whistle, whistle on my nipples, see if I give a shit!” Jacksepticeye 2020

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  • After rewatching this for the 5th time, I've noticed he missed a single target that was super obvious, and my OCD is just firing away.

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  • Abby's story is kinda dragged out. I'm not quite seeing the point of this apart from finding out why Joel and her seemed to have some vendetta. I guess they wanted to fill in the blank for what she was doing while Ellie was doing what she did. That could have been DLC or an epilogue at the end y'know? I see what they were trying to do they could have been a little more effective in terms of applying that to the narrative like they did when they answered why She hated Joel

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  • So I never saw any of the trailers cuz I was avoiding spoilers. There was a trailer showing her getting hanged? Yo that's messed up and dark! Just watching it I feel uncomfortable

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  • Oh damn! She bit off her ear! OMG 😱😱 someone watched too much Mike Tyson

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  • Live Laugh Lev

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  • Id like to draw the hilarious comparison to : Seán’s reaction to watching Ellie and Dina make out: “Aw they’re so cute” Vs. Seán’s reaction to watching Abby and Owen have sex: “I feel like I shouldn’t be here-“

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    • @Jade Loupret this is very true lol

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    • One was a bit more graphic than the other ahahah

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  • 1:11:00

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  • At first I didn't even notice that Abby has bruising on her neck from when the Scars tried to hang her. Nice detail.

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  • *Sex scene happens* Me who was in the bathroom brushing my hair: * panic * JACK NO YOU CAN’T SHOW THIS- ;w;

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  • 10 out of ten I would look again who remembers that meme

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  • Definetly better than a 6

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  • The last of us isn’t for me You have to take your time and gather supplies Whereas I’m a speed runner I finish the game then get everything

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  • Jesse and Owen are hands down two of the best characters in this series and that’s why they’re both dead

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  • You ever get so pissed at someone that you're about to fight and then immediately have sex with them?

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  • Have to say I love the ending to this video. It could easily pass for an official flashback cinematic

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  • 52:05 legendary

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  • Jack at the sex scene when we realise he is a sweet innocent boi: I FEEL LIKE I SHOULDNT BE HERE!!!!

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  • why dose abby remind me of rambo

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  • 1:20:50 Jack now: Feels Uncomfortable Jack then: OH FUCCK YEAHHH!!!

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  • 😂😂😂🤣 lost it at "you look like the last airbender"

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  • Yikers

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  • 1:20:57 when you see your mom wrestling with the mail man

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  • Dude what if abby got a crossbow? Now THAT would be OP 56:42 YOOOOOOO I WAS RIGHT M8!!

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  • They really need to nerf abbys arms

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  • when he sings your states name

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  • 38:04 hahahahahaha

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  • When you say you look though every thing then you miss stuff

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  • Game: You have a flashlight to light up dark areas. Jack: You dont say game?! Me: (Sits back and listens to the game as a podcast in the background cause jack refuses to use the flashlight and my @$$ cant see $#!%) Yeah GAME... you dont say...

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  • Holy crap he missed a card

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  • The plastic frown cumulatively knot because ring energetically interrupt amidst a nifty position. amusing, closed anteater

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  • I wish Abby's section was a bit shorter, although the content is important, it takes away from the tension and importance of the scene right before it. It would have been better in like, two 'missions' if that's sort of what they are, and the rest as cutscenes. I agree with jack from last episode about how I got less exited about it because I FUCKING HATE ABBY and if it were me playing I would never finish the game because I would keep jumping into bullets and drowning just to kill her. That's just me.

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  • There is a lot more than tension between them 😏

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  • 1:01:43 That Tenacious D reference though👀

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  • Jack: sees a sex scene :/ Us: :`(

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  • Here, you can read this comment with me. Hide with me. That hanging scene is brutal, come here and hang out with me, it'll be ok

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  • damn you complain alot...

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  • ffffff dude you talk about beans and lighting and supplies way too much.

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  • I agree with Sean, Abby's story should have been an spin-off, then The Last of Us 2 could have been the "crossover" and that way we would feel really conflicted about what's going on, cause we know all of this people and we don't want them to kill each other but understand why they see each other as villains.

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  • Not gonna lie I hate this game with a pure passion for my own personal reasons along with the usual complaints. I bought it and played it for a good bit before eventually finding it unbearable and just stopped. However despite this hate it was refreshing watching jack play this with a bit more positivity than most not letting the bad get in the way of him enjoying himself and I like that a good bit. Hell it even made me decide to pick it up and play it again but this time just not really caring just going through and enjoying myself whatever it takes.

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  • I hated abby after she killed Joel I know joel killed abby's dad but joel only saved ellie because she was the closest thing to his daughter he lost so many years ago

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  • at 1:52:09 he sounds like hes about to yell at lev for having fairy god parents

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  • Absolutely nobody: ... Abby: I'm gonna make the hunting pistol look like Han Solo's blaster

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  • “Oh sweet so this is the way forward.” -Goes the other way

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  • Jack did indeed want to see that clickers willie he was fighting the urge to go back to the dead clicker and check it out

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  • The shrieker that had a “willy”

    Cassius OliverCassius Oliverחודש לפני
  • Sean: Lev get your wallet! Lev: It's too "old world"

    Anthony CutraleAnthony Cutraleחודש לפני
  • Abby: Breathe Sean: Big moon

    Anthony CutraleAnthony Cutraleחודש לפני
  • Bruh how can she even stealth with those massive meat hooks

    Austin AdamsAustin Adamsחודש לפני
  • Just the place where I left off at. 45:57

    CreativeHavocBLCreativeHavocBLחודש לפני
  • i feel that both the WLF and Seraphites are both like not good, but i think the Seraphites are ultimately worse. While the WLF are like yknow just doing there thing, the Seraphites are going into what they know is the WLF territory and seeking out shit, while the WLF kind of are just like "god they keep coming back wtf" and eventually issacs just like had enough and been like "alright lets just like go to them and get them to stop" idk just my opinion lemme know if im wrong lmao

    • I think the Seraphites want access to Martyr's Gate to honour their prophet, and they want the parks and forests in order to farm them and expand beyond their island, which is understandable. They emerged as a group in Seattle around the same time as the WLF, so they've got just as much right to territory in the city as they do, just not enough manpower to protect it, but I agree they do seem worse than the WLF. Of the two groups, it seems the Seraphites' beliefs are what prevents any long-term peace from being possible.

      Michael StaleyMichael Staleyחודש לפני
  • L

    Red EagleRed Eagleחודש לפני
  • Nobody at all: Lev: Hmm... cats

    Devon PokornikDevon Pokornikחודש לפני
  • Imma say something no one is going to like. I think Abby is a better character than Ellie.

    Caleb LeCrow, Caw CawCaleb LeCrow, Caw Cawחודש לפני
  • Sean: "I shouldnt be here.. o_o Me:" No sean you shouldnt..and neither should I because my virgin eyes are bleeding but like abby says, lets grow up."

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  • 11:40 MIKE NOT AGAIN!

    Carrie HollinsCarrie Hollinsחודש לפני
  • "I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Shut up Sean." 37:11 Dad no

    French BaguetteFrench Baguetteחודש לפני
  • Awww Sean got all awkward at the sex scene. How adorable.

    Zach CollinsZach Collinsחודש לפני
  • Sean's reaction 2 Owen and Abby's sex scene LOL XD I don't blame him since it was the elephant in the room. or so I said it was a huge WTF Moment.

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  • You're fine! Walk it off!

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  • Me and the boys at 2 am looking for 34:20

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  • Just wait a few more months and Seattle will look just like this game. lol

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  • Go frame by frame at 26:50 to see the T posing clicker.

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