I went 500 IQ being IMPOSTOR with KSI in Among Us

16 אוק 2020
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The greatest impostor duo since Corpse and Toast
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  • Tobi: religious Josh: 13:35 oh my god thank god

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  • *Simon says something:* subtitles go to harry

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  • They r all English men😂😂

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  • 2:13 nice 😂

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  • I missed the little info about the audio off so at 7:43 i swore he was answering future questions like he was reading their mind

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  • and I thought Jack was loud...........

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  • 5:43 Someone literally vented

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  • Alternative title: Irish plays with Brits and a Swede

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    • And an American.

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  • The only reason among us is still alive is bc of these guys and I love watching them play

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  • Egg

    The person who comments Egg on every video TMThe person who comments Egg on every video TM11 ימים לפני
  • 11:57 Right when Jack said "are you fucking serious? Oh bollocks" the battery in my laptop died. You really described what I was feeling there

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  • Anyone notice at the start Simon spoke and he subtitled it over Harry's character?

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  • My name is literally Ethan lol

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  • **Someone gets killed ** KSI: IT’S VIK! BRO! IT’S VIK! Every English man: AGGRESSIVE SCREAMING

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  • KSI is literally the worst person at this game ever! When he is an impostor he gives away the other person Everytime! He doesn’t seem to realise they are on a team! So even if he’s out he need to keep the other person going!

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    • Stay mad

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  • love your channel! keep up the great work bro!

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  • We need 6969 comments

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  • I love how the editor thought 'Harold' was Simon talking XD

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  • The sidelads and Sean 👌

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  • This is all I've ever wanted

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  • It's so weird seeing Jacksepticeye and The Sidemen playing games together

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  • At 5:44, you'll notice the vent open

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  • 0:20 he put simons voice from Harry's character (Harold)

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  • 5:42 check the vent on the right.

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  • Cool

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  • Ah, nothing better than seven Englishman,an Irishman,a Swed and an American yelling at each other. But seriously tho,this is one of the greatest crossovers ever.For me anyways.

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  • Dope group to watch

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  • i thought it was TobiontheTele playing at first

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    • Was it not?

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  • So the only people I know in this vid are jack, pewds, and ksi. And maybe Ethan. Who are the others? Would someone be able to tell me?

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  • Why do they have to scream so much? Worst crew ever

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    • Jack is always nice and calm tough...

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  • hi

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  • Jack why so any adds!?

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  • The guys yelling need to chill lol

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  • Dream is too smart so they target him. The pains.

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  • KSI got so. Damn. Loud. whenever they were accusing him

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  • ❤💋❤💋❤

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  • When Simon said at the start of the video "the task" then starts laughing he did the subtitle for Harrold aha

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  • It was big josher because like there is 2 people in Laura engine and he he said the body was in there engine so it was self report

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  • 2000 IQ displayed by jack

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  • Anyone see vent open in shadow at 5:42

    Broken EggBroken Eggחודש לפני
  • the vent opend and closed pause at 28:57 and look at the right vent

  • I just saw a McDonald’s add and the McRib is back guys HELL YEAH YESSSS

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  • Aww nooo the editor thought Harry was Simon >~

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  • I was peacefully watching them call a meeting but then my screen flashed and I was assaulted with an AIB Bank ad

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  • gg

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  • I am have learned 5 different laguges and I still cannot understand a word they are saying!😂

    Alex TroxellAlex Troxellחודש לפני
    • @CandyKirby Hi. I Just wanted you to know English, is in fact, my first language. I was just making a joke. I'm sorry if you didn't get that, but that's not really my problem, is it? Anyways, have a good rest of your day ( or night)

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    • Try to learn English next

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  • Killing dream first is the only task for the imposters that matters besides killing everone

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    hopeworld _hopeworld _חודש לפני

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  • Bro i like how the editor thought Simon was harry

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  • At 5:44 the vent opened to the left

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  • So nice to hear so many familiar British voices on an among us vid for once 😊

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  • 18:11 just *chef’s kiss* 😚

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  • If Jack is a crewmate everyone will say he is an imposter. If he is the imposter no one will pay Jack a single second of attention!!

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  • dream is one of my favorite Minecraft players

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  • KSI had greater respect for Jack now.

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  • Dream said a no no word 18:40

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  • Have y’all noticed that a lot of people that you wouldn’t think would play with each other because of Among us

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  • *Enjoys RuneScape music*

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  • i've asked this under 4 videos already. can someone tell me where i can find this (22:22) background music? what's it called? it reminds me of unus annus and i want to use it

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  • KSI Is stink

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  • This is the ultimate crossover event

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  • Anyone else notice the Henry stickmen teleported in the leaves

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  • how does Jacky boy barely even be able to be the impostor?

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  • “It was Harry!” ... ... ... “Harry?” edit: figured the timestamp was useful so- 26:02

    Ramina StoneRamina Stoneחודש לפני
  • I love that Jack subtitled Harry when Simon was speaking. I feel him bro

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  • KSI

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  • I have to be honest I don’t really like KSU

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  • Did I just see the vent open? 5:40

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  • 18:10 KSI cheering jack is the best

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  • Love when jack plays among us

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  • dream thinks he is big brain bit he’s not

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  • 0:20 that was Simon not Harry

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  • the big brain always get killed first but yeah still LOVE IT

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  • So many aaaadsss

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  • Shiman

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  • I have wondered what religion Sean is? (I am fairly new; he said his real name in another video).

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    • I think he said in a video that he isn’t religious but I could be remembering something completely different

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  • I love british people

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  • Harry???harry who?

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  • He had perfect wires wit

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  • Why is this video just absolute chaos

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  • KurenoDash and Dream determine every round. If they're Imposter, the Crewmates lose I'd they're Crewmates, the Imposters lose

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  • Haven't seen jack for a while what happened here

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  • Ethan be like, Change the world, my final message, good bye.

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  • Stonks

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  • I kept hearing Ethan but I was thinking Crankgameplays Eef and did not realize my mistake until half way through

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  • Love how this game makes friendship and also break friendship so fast!

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  • *You looked at me funny* is the most British thing I have heard someone say on this channel

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  • Is it me or is game audio a lil delayed?

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  • Anyone else bothered by the fact that the video is 28:59 LONG!?!? Why couldn’t it have just been 29 minutes smh and that’s on ocd

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